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The CTA Circuit Riders Series

April 8 – May 13, 2018

In early North American Methodism, John Wesley—the founder of what has become the United Methodist Church—created a plan of multiple meeting places, called circuits. A circuit was made up of two or more local churches and a bishop would appoint a clergyperson for each circuit. Every Sunday morning, these pastors would travel for miles to visit each church, often by horseback. Eventually, these traveling preachers became known as Circuit Riders.

Today, we are inspired by those Circuit Riders who went outside the church, traveling across their appointed areas to share the Gospel message.  Motivated by our Methodist heritage, this local group of clergy are traveling around the city (often by CTA!) and rotating through each of our pulpits to preach on a different topic of United Methodism.

Apportionments: Rev. Kelli Beard, Holy Covenant UMC

Evangelism: Sabrina Bermingham, United Church of Rogers Park

The Global Church: Rev. Juyeon Jeon, Epworth UMC

Methodist Mysticism: Rev. April Gutierrez, Berry UMC

Grace: Rev. Hope Chernich, Irving Park UMC

Social Holiness: Rev. Mark Schol, Grace UMC Logan Square

The Sacraments: Rev. Krista Paradiso, Elston Ave UMC

Each Sunday, come to hear a different preacher and be part of an experience of what it means to be United Methodist—what we believe, what makes us unique, and how we seek to live out our faith.