I’m in big trouble, and I don’t know what to do. Will you pray for me?
Absolutely. Call us at (773) 561-6422 or email us at epworthchicago@gmail.com. Our Wednesday Evening Praise and Prayer service in the parlor (fellowship hall) is a half-hour set aside for lifting up the needs of those in trouble. Please come.

I want to be involved in something. Does Epworth need me?
YES. From shelter meals to tutoring opportunities, choir to youth activities, we NEED you. If you long to serve others, you’ll find a way here at Epworth.

I’ve never been to your church — will I be able to follow along?
Maybe not at first — but God doesn’t mind and neither do we. We lay it all out in the Bulletin to make it very, very easy, so by your second visit you’ll be completely comfortable with how we worship. If the tradition or the music is new to you, listen at first, then join in whenever you feel ready.
The Bible and hymnals are available in the pews. The United Methodist Hymnal is red. The Faith We Sing is black. An asterisk in the bulletin indicates standing as you are able. Bold type indicates the congregation speaking. Just follow the Pastor and the lay leader, and you’ll do fine.

What style of worship can I expect?
Epworth is pretty traditional, with plenty of hymns, passing the peace (where we greet each other), the prayers of the community (so we can share our joys and concerns), a responsive Psalm reading, a youth sermon (in addition to the regular sermon), an offering, plenty of scripture. You could say we’re in between the Episcopalians and the Lutherans on the “structured worship” sliding scale.

How should I dress?
Shirts and shoes required! Dress how you feel comfortable.

How long is the worship service?
Forty-five minutes to an hour, and the time flies by.

Can I bring my children?
PLEASE DO! We are family friendly. Children are welcome in worship! ¬†There is an infant nursery just off the sanctuary, and children age 3 – 5th grade are invited to go to Sunday School following the Children’s Message.

Can I take communion at your church?
Communion is served every Sunday and ALL are welcome to partake.

What about parking?
Parking is available across the street at the Christian Science Church. Please come a few minutes early, so you can see an usher for parking stickers and instructions.

Will I feel welcome?
We want you to feel MORE than welcome. We want you to feel the love of Christ, alive in us. Whatever your gender, race, economic status, sexual orientation, condition of ableness, etc., we greet you as a beloved child of God. We mean that.

How do I join the church/get baptized?
Talk to the Pastor about a new members class! It’s that simple! Call (773) 561-6422 or email epworthchicago@gmail.com.

I’m sick — can you help?
The pastor and care team will come and visit and will pray for you.  Occasional healing services are held throughout the year.

I admire all your programs, but I’m not the organized church type. Can I support Epworth anyway?
Absolutely. God speaks to each of us differently. If your spiritual gift is prayer, please lift us up. If your spiritual gift is generosity, we welcome your tax-deductible donations to our ministry:
Epworth United Methodist Church
5253 N. Kenmore Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640.