New to Worship?

Welcome to Epworth United Methodist Church!

Here’s some general information to help you get acquainted with Epworth.  Feel free to come as you are – you are welcome in this place!

Our Sunday Worship service begins at 11AM.

We are located at 5253 N. Kenmore Avenue in Chicago, which is in the Edgewater community, north of Foster, west of Sheridan, at the corner of Berwyn and Kenmore.


What happens during a typical worship service? A typical worship service at Epworth United Methodist Church usually includes:

  • A musical prelude
  • The Call to Worship – a greeting and opening prayer
  • The Passing of the Peace – a time for the congregation to greet  eachother with the Peace of Christ
  • Childrens’ Time – children gather to hear the pastor’s special message for them and pray
  • A silent prayer of confession
  • The pastoral prayer
  • A responsive reading of a Psalm
  • The Lord’s Prayer prayed aloud
  • Listening to scripture readings
  • The sermon
  • The offering
  • Special music
  • Hymns sung by the congregation
  • An invitation to Communion+
  • the Benediction or sending forth of the congregation at the end of service

An invitation to the Lord’s table will be given for all to celebrate communion. You can choose whether or not you wish to participate. At Epworth UMC, you will find an open table with bread, gluten free wafers and grape juice.

We hope we have the opportunity to get to know you.  The congregation is very diverse, representing the surrounding neighborhood.  We are a faith community, devoted to inclusive ministry, learning about Jesus and called to be His followers.  Worship and service must go hand in hand as we balance our devotion to God and service to the world.  We are committed to social justice and will stand with oppressed.

We are a reconciling congregation, which means that we see all persons as beloved, beautiful children of God regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, social status, physical ability, age, political bent, marital status, housing status, immigrant status, mental state, or any other characteristic that differentiates one from another.  All are beloved by God and so by us!

Parking on Sunday is available at the Seventh Church of Christ Scientist, located at the northwest corner of Berwyn and Kenmore.  Ask an usher for a sign to place in your windshield.

Nursery Care is available for infants during worship, and Sunday School for children is during worship, following the children’s sermon.  Sunday School for adults and youth takes place before worship from 10 am -11 am.

After worship is a time of fellowship in the church parlor, at which snacks and beverages are available as you meet and greet others from the congregation.

Should you need assistance during service, please do not hesitate to see the ushers at the sanctuary entrance. We want you to feel welcomed in the space.